We provide a wide range of legal services in the following areas:


Criminal law

Implementation of procedural representation and protection of the pre-trial phase and before the courts in criminal cases; preparation and filing of applications, complaints, etc., related to the protection of rights and legitimate interests of the accused persons, respectively the defendants in criminal cases, as well as procedural representation in cases of criminal-administrative nature and proceedings for granting forced treatment according to the Health law.



Property Law

Preparation and providing documentation for property transactions, conducting proceedings concerning on property disputes, limited property rights/ use, possession, etc./, border disputes, real estate and movable property divisions, administrative property cases related to real estate property rights, use, possession, construction, etc. Preparation and filing of claims, complaints, as well as procedural representation during the formation, conducting and completing of property cases.

Family law

Preparation of applications, compiling documents, complaints and other respective documents as well as all actions on the formation, conduct and completion of all court cases of divorce, marriage annulment, allowance, paternity, adoption, and custody cases.

Enforcement proceedings

Provision of executive lists, preparation and filing of applications for the formation of enforcement cases, preparation and filing of applications, complaints and others within the enforcement process. Dispute of enforcement actions, acts of the enforcement agents; representation in the making of in possession and dispute, as well as other protection within our rights of representation in the executive procedure.

Contracts preparation

Preparation of contracts for rents, loans, labor and civil contracts, land lease agreements, company contracts, founding contracts for commercial companies and others; participation in negotiations during and on the occasion of concluding contracts and annexes.

Preparation of contracts with legal translation in foreign languages.


Company registration

Company formation and registration with Bulgarian Trade Register with regards to the preparation of the respective, provision of certificates of current status, submission of annual financial statements in the Bulgarian Trade Register, preparation and submission of documents related to the re-registration of companies on the occasion of change of circumstances /ex: change of capital, number of partners, management, etc. /.

Providing consultations in connection with the activity of the company /obtaining permits, preparation of labor contracts, negotiation and conducting business deals with other companies, etc. /, preparation of labor and civil contracts and representation before all institutions when necessary (ex: work permits handling hazardous waste, opening and functioning of public restaurants, garages, etc.)

We have a resource for licensed translations when preparing documents, contracts and other papers related to work and relationships with foreign companies and individuals.


Financial statements cases

Preparation of applications, complaints and others, legal representation and consultations on the formation, conduct and completion of civil and/ or criminal cases subject to financial statements disputes.


Administrative Affairs

Formation, conducting and finalization of administrative cases related to disputes concerning the responsibility of the state and municipalities on damages caused to citizens by wrongful act or inaction. Preparation of applications, complaints and other procedural representation in the initiation and conducting of disputes related to individual administrative acts, orders, penal provisions and other administrative acts.